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bizzy boozy

I’m up to my walnuts in paperwork.

Yesterday was absurdly busy, in addition to getting some business in the bag I was regularly having to bounce back emails to this fucking client whose pig headedness had basically sparked a chain of events that firstly lost us money and then credibility with another client. To add grist to the mill the cunt then had the audacity to blame us when the latter client refused to pay her. I had to behave in a responsible professional manner when in reality the best course of action would be to go round to this wankers office and slam her tits in a filing cabinet.

There was salvation however, for the first time in an age I was due to meet my bro in the boozer in Clapham. My cycle back home was actually quite pleasant, finally we’re experiencing some sort of a summer and I arrived at the pub just before 6. We caught up on matters of the day and sunk a few cold ones before being joined by Frank. Our timing was superb, the pub is very popular in the summer and what with that and the smoking ban we were fortunate to get both a seat and a drenching of the awe inspiring light as the day slunk over the rooftops.

I arrived home quite merry, had a bath, and ate supper (pork and leek sausages with sprouting broccoli under a cheese, mustard and parsley sauce. It was air punchingly good) with a glass of wine, then another. But no more.

This weekend a really old mate is coming down from t’North East, I’ve not seen him in fucking ages, and James will be joining us too. I don’t expect much change from a Saturday to be honest.

Right, I’ve work to do, that cunt has just e-mailed me again as well.

I’ll leave you with the latest baffling list of search engine phrases that get people to Piqued.

(promise, I’ve not made any of these up)

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2007-08-03
Search Views
Ollie Bridewell 2
getting our shit together 2
wwm ps2 1
ocd hangover 1
www. legend of the hitten tippl 1
40 plus womens arseholes 1
Drink Aware 1
rod poole swervedriver death 1
shabnab youtube 1
casey thompson chef tits 1
nabocov 1
andre valentino umbrella 1
Search Views
alan d – tottenham court road 1
shabnab 1
yves tanguay 1
ollie bridewell 1
Valentino Rossi and his girlfriend 1
blood in bowels 1
theme music to BBC’s Moto GP 1
wifes gloryhole indiscretions 1
vibrating tongue bars leicester 1
idi armein 1
Search Views
what was the bbc glastonbury theme tune 3
did bukowski encounter hunter s thompson 2
deuchars july 2007 -“susan deuchars” 2
tottenham court road+tescos 1
naughty wanking scoolboys 1
marilyn manson booed off stage 2007 1
brolly dollies 1
John McCririck died 1
pub quizzes for farmers 1
hairy aunt 1
old speckled hen 1
expensive breitling 1
surealism 1
red witch tottenham court road 1
YouTube:PS2 wale games 1
daddy son 1
Search Views
working as a brolly dolly/ 2
“ollie bridewell” tribute itv 2
“big brother” “suicidal tendencies” 1
black boil behind ear 1
Pictures of guys The blue oyster bar 1
who dose ziggy in big brother fancy 1
big brother 8 dick suicidal tendencies 1
youtube kids with there face dark 1
dick big brother 8 suicidal tendencies 1
leonora carrington death 1
seven ages of rock stranglers 1
debbie magee dog 1
moto gp “theme tune” 1
what doses ziggy tattoo mean in spanish 1
idi armein 1
pictures of davina mcall 1
shabnab undressed 1
davina mcall 1
the blair witch project sham 1
shirley bassey breast implants 1
+”her face” “dark glasses” +”broken nose 1
You Tube Shirley Bassey glastonbury 1
youtube ear boil 1
slipped heep 1
Search Views
nora batty 5
dark brown phlegm 1
feeling dozy midday 1
big brother 8 wank 1
pork sausages worms come out 1
ronnie barker 1
youtube pictures of matchstick men 1
fields of the nephilim astoria 1
emily parr wallpaper 1
bbc moto gp theme tune 1
Search Views
7 ages of rock wallpaper 2
what is surealism 1
You’re barred 1
someone who looks like lara croft stripp 1
autosarcophagy 1
brill creem 1
boils blood pus 1
gothic blondy bukkake 1
brolly dolly 1
can you smoke a cigar anywhere in toront 1
dirty rotten liquid farts

…dirt rotten fart liquids, who’d have thought.

Have nice weekends, just say no to drugs yeah.

An utter classic, deal with it