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I’m back in the christing office. I shouldn’t really complain, I seem to spend my waking life in here but having 4 days off on the trot reminds you there is a flat in Tooting that doesn’t know of human contents on a weekday. Yes, on Monday and Tuesday I changed that.

What was even more delightful is that, until yesterday evening, Cunt had been away. His hairy kid and emaciated ‘girlfriend’ have gone and he’s been at his mummy and daddy’s house (I know this because I witnessed daddy picking him up and dropping him off) presumably because he can’t bear being alone after their departure (the departure that he is 100% responsible for I hasten to add) in the flat that daddy made for him, you know, the one he inhabits for fuck all.

I was thinking about this last night. Now I’m bloody sure Cunt is claiming benefit, ‘job seekers allowance’ I think it’s called these days, which means he will most probably be getting housing benefit, what’s the zippy name for that? ‘Daytime TV vouchers’ I think, which his dad will almost certainly let Cunt keep. Essentially, you don’t get housing benefit if you’re employed and housing benefit is a fuck of a lot more than ‘jobseekers allowance’. Scam.

I vividly recall a conversation having taken place a couple of years back when I came back from work to find Cunt, bereft of friends and human company, wandering about in the hallway with a can of Carling. Now you must understand, we’re dealing with a person who, in addition to being an infinitesimal prick, is socially and mentally inept and I think it’s only fair to describe the conversation in the form of a script as it beggars belief as mere description.

C Alright
P (Christ) Alright
C Yeah, drinking, bit early, I shouldn’t, bad for you, never do hard drugs or drink. I got caught drink driving, twice, second time I only just got by license back, Ha! Ever been with a prostitute?
P No
C I have, nice day?
P No
C Oh. What do you do?
P Awful. Office based.
C Oh I could never work in an office never. Not me. I’m an artist
P I’m going upstairs
C You got any tobacco?

I reckon I could fill this fucking blog with exchanges like that. Anyway, notice he says he could ‘never work in an office’, right, that means he’s in direct contravention of the job seekers allowance as he’s refusing to take office work, and round here its mainly office work. Or traffic wardenry (be good if he did that then I could ‘legally’ smash his face off)

Christ some of my National Insurance and tax pays his fucking way. What a fucking cunt.This is for him…

(please be warned, this is G G Allin live and contains shit eating)