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nearly frosty

Apart from a few Cheese Balls (the absolute king of cheese corn snacks, really, they’re like an evolved Wotsit and more moreish than Kylie’s charlie) I ate nothing last night. But I did tape Masterchef which I watched at midnight drooling like a cracked up Winehouse before retiring to bed, partially sober and very tired, and sleeping like a smacked up Doherty.

Earlier in the evening Myfwt and I met up with Notagay (link right, filed under ‘he’s not gay, okay’) in a rather downmarket hostelry for a drinks in fucking Wimbledon. I knew it was a bit below par because it was over populated by those wiry pale men that drink lager and look like they enjoy porn and assault, the barmaid screaming ‘Dave! Service! I’m busting for a big piss!’ didn’t exactly set the tone for champagne and oysters either. Anyway, Myfwt and I found a table and Notagay joined us shortly after and we settled down.

A pleasant evening ensued, Notagay and I had a few pints of ale and Myfwt enjoyed a few G&T’s which we supped slowly, mainly because we were all gassing at once. So much nattering went on that we found ourselves on the ‘blast’ side of closing time and we were virtually turfed out into the night. All the good intentions of taking a bus were poo poed when a black cab slunk past and Mywft and I bid a fond farewell to Notagay and we disappeared off home.

It’s a lovely day today, fucking cold but beautifully bright and sunny. I’m enjoying not feeling like I’ve spent all night being Abu Hamza’s bitch due to over indulgence and as a result my day at work is easier to deal with. Speaking of which, it’s a short post today because I’m extraordinarily busy but before I go some information on today’s youtube entry.

This band look ridiculous. This may have something to do with their being a Swiss lot but any band who can lay claim to a tune called ‘Phallic Tantrum’ can’t be that bad. Their importance as pioneers of thrash/black metal cannot be understated and even now their influence can be heard in more contemporary acts such as Emperor and Dimmu Borgir. But their reach is wider than that, both Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl were inspired by them, the latter even used the CF front man Tom Gabriel Fischer to perform on his metal compilation project Probot, more on that tomorrow. Do check out the awesome ‘death grunt’ employed by the lead fellow. It’s lovely.


I was sad to read this morning that mother of missing schoolgirl Madeline Mcann has now been officially named as a suspect in the disappearance of her 2-year daughter. I really hope these rumours are unfounded, it’s not the first time my crush on a doctor has been compromised by the fact they turn out to be killers. Dear sweet Harold, how I miss thee.

Needless to say such a turn of events was headline news, the disappearance of Madeline McCann has, over the past few months, been somewhat of a media obsession, to the detriment of other more worthy news stories. I’m not saying what happened isn’t sad, but if the little girl in question wasn’t a pretty little blue eyed blonde have no doubt at all that the story wouldn’t have received a quark of the attention it has, if we’d like to briefly turn to face the allied led invasion in Iraq, dead babies are ten a penny every few hours of the day. You’d only know this if you looked; such information isn’t barked into your face 24/7.

Having said that, Madeline McCann’s disappearance is higher up in the news food chain, ironically, than the wailing elephant man that was Luciano Pavarotti. What the bloody hell was all that about? As pointed out by a friend at work who knows matters of opera, he wasn’t the best tenor in the world (another fat Italian one was) and in comparison to the death of Kurt Cobain, say, a much more significant loss (he composed the songs he sung for a start) who inspired a generation and whose subsequent death was reported as an afterthought to the Netball results.

I was racking my brains on the cycle in this morning to try and understand what Pavarotti had done to deserve such exultation, and then it hit me. Based on something I half heard on Front Row last night (they were talking about him as I was laying a very important cable) it seems he’s credited with helping to bring ‘opera to the masses’. I thought about this for a while, by foul means or fair ‘the masses’ has working class, proletariat connotations. Just because I prefer to listen to Black Sabbath I really object to being lumped into The Sun reading McDonalds chewing ‘masses’. What they really meant was that he sung Nissan Micra for the 1990 Football World Cup, and subsequently this became associated with football in the minds of ‘the masses’ that like football.

The vast majority of those that are obsessed by football would, if told it was football related, respond to Phil Spector’s soon to be Prison Wall of Sound (arrived at by overlaying the noise of uncontrolled sobbing, screaming and the occasional visit by a 25 stone body builder called Patricia) or the amplified sound of unshod feet hastily beating a retreating path from Darfur backed by the noise of lorries revving up in Newport Pagnall services stations.

Right, it’s Friday. Despair at the usual list of odd balls that arrive on this page by accident. Casey Thompson seems to have struck a chord with the stalking masses, turns out she’s a competitor in the US equivalent of Masterchef, and everyone wants to see her tits. And fanny

But first, my hero. They don’t make them like this anymore. Nice weekends all.

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