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sunshine and firearms

Everyday in every way I’m getting better and betterer…

Mercifully, I met my mate up the road for a pint yesterday evening, he needed it as much as I on account of his dedication to his missus who is having a pretty ropey time. The pub was rammed full of football types who seem to spend a great deal of time looking utterly bemused and clasping their foreheads as if needing confirmation that there is at least a possibility of a brain on account of the top bit.

We had a pleasant, albeit quite short evening, and I pottered off to Tesco on my way home. Despite being harangued by a short fat Pocahontas type, who loudly accused me of bumping into her with a lascivious grin (I don’t think, ‘I’m not, I’m trying to find the fucking bin liners’ was quite what she wanted to hear) I made it home safe and sound with everything required save the fucking bin liners.

I watched Grand Designs in the kitchen as I prepared a salmon, prawn and pea gratin (with a mustard sauce) joined by a glass of Chianti, which was pleasant beyond my expectations. Dinner was a triumph, the wine was going down well and then I made the fatal mistake of putting some music on. Subsequently I’m with hangover.

What I did catch last night was the news in which I saw videos of that fucking berk that shot up a bunch of his classmates. It’s odd, watching his videos reminded me of a WWF wrestler prior to going into the ring for a choreographed flop about with an equally faux-angry muscle bound fairy, except this chap took the time out between killings to set up the camera, video himself, post the completed rant to NBC prior to nipping back out to kill 30 kids. The problem is that I found the videos almost laughable and they sort of undermined the tragedy of what he’d actually done.

I’m also getting concerned about this obsession with the gunman’s ‘anger’ and how it’s being perceived through his writing. Personally I think the fact that a mentally unstable 23 year old kid can just walk into a fucking shop and buy a pair of guns may be more pertinent here but that’s just silly old me. Either way, I still find his videos vaguely amusing and I’m finding it hard to locate the hate button, which is rather odd. I’m also finding the timing, with regard to the college massacre, of almost 200 dead in Iraq yesterday (the most since the US security drive began) problematic too.

It’s a stunning day today, sunny, warm and the sky is a cloudless deep blue. The cycle into work was undertaken as if on autopilot due to the booze angst. For the past few days now, on exactly the same part of the towpath, I’ve approached and passed this tubby blue object on a bicycle. She’s gone for the full fucking outfit, lycra shorts/top, helmet, shades, gloves and proper cycle shoes. She looks like something out of Battlestar Galactica, but fatter.

Right pop pickers here’s your link. This one is a beauty; please pay attention to the ‘fans’