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uncle piqued

Right, first off, could the little fucker who keeps searching my blog for ‘daddy son fuck’ either seek some professional help, hand yourself into the authorities or my suggestion, off yourself. You are a very sick man (more probable that the protagonist is male, I don’t wish to be accused of sexism, woman are just a filthy but they’re least likely to be searching for that classification of pornography) and I wish you a speedy demise.

Speaking of demise, as I was just there, look, Cunt is back on top form, it wasn’t quite as loud or as long as usual, Christ he really is a fucking wanker, only child, spoilt, but I still can’t fathom why you’d wish to humiliate yourself like that. Really, imagine if you were to be handed a clarinet (if you play one select an instrument you can’t) would your first thought be, ‘I know, I’ll hook it up to all this equipment daddy got me, everyone fucking knows I don’t work and I’m weird, crank it up and let everyone enjoy as I fuck up over and over.’ I doubt it. I genuinely believe that he so disillusioned and removed from reality he imagines that in a nearby house a fat record producer is chewing on a cigar punching numbers into a phone before declaring, ‘get me that kid at any cost, he’s got talent’. Maybe it’s him looking for ‘daddy son fuck’ on the intra-ernet. I bet it is, the fucking weirdo cunt.

Yesterday was rather strange. The news that I had a niece made me very introspective; I wasn’t sure how to react. I spoke to my sister last night; she’s still in hospital but much better following being sliced from the nave to the chaps. In the background I heard Institute, my niece, make a small squawking sound, it rather freaked me, in a nice way of course. I will be meeting her tomorrow, my initial intention was to pop along this afternoon but due to the absence of my MD and colleague I’m responsible for this place today, anyway, be nice to go with my bro.

Last night I decided to stay off the pop, it was a difficult decision on the strength I had something to celebrate but by the same token I’d not had a booze free day for a fortnight and a heavy one yesterday, I thought that Institute might like to actually meet her Uncle when her brain has attained Descartian sensibility. I tried to do some writing but my head was full of internal noise so I flopped in front of the box with tea and cigarettes.

I went to bed before 11, I was partially watching K19-The Widowmaker which is unbelievably ropey when one considers budget/actors etc., still the submarine aspect was effective enough to cause me to get panicky, a combination of claustrophobic sympathy and detoxification I shouldn’t wonder, off it went, I listened to the radio for a bit before drifting off.

I can tell when I’ve had a big night out when, despite not drinking the following day, I wake up the day after that with hangover symptoms, as I did this morning. I only just about got the stamina to cycle but glad I did, it’s lovely day and I’m feeling alright.

I’m looking forward to seeing Institute tomorrow. Hey, I hope that you all have something cool to look forward to this weekend, I love you… Sorry that just slipped out.

Yo, sometimes we say things we don’t mean, yeah, like some of these guys. (Not made any up, really. Silvia Saint pooing?!)

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