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Since making the decision to do the trip with Jack, my mind has been trying to second-guess what will or might happen. It’s addictive trying to picture hotels, motels, restaurants, diners, not to mention the roads from a birds eye bikes eye view. One of the roads is 1000 miles long it passes through Nebraska, Wyoming before it hits Utah. I can see the bloody thing already.

For the most part I’m looking forward to it but a part of me wants to get into bed and roll over. I’m what you might call a hindsight traveller, I’ve thoroughly loved all the places I’ve visited and in every instance had a fantastic time, but it’s usually in retrospect. Of course there are moments when you’re right there saying to yourself, ‘this is fucking wonderful’ but shortly afterwards I’m usually working out the proximity of time to getting back to my flat, Myfwt, mates, family, PC.

The time between now and my leaving will become slightly otherworldly, as if the confidence gained from doing such a journey has made a deposit in my psyche. Last night I met up with Frank and his brother in The Fox off the Tottenham Court Road, the tube journey was, instead of being the usual panic on a hair trigger, a chance to finish off Michael Simpkins excellent book on Cricket, and I don’t even like cricket.

Walking to the pub from the tube I felt alive, sharp and thoroughly distracted by thoughts of the trip to come, as the booze slid down second guessing became a thrill, this was certainly fuelled by Frank who has already visited some of the places we’re headed for.

We didn’t overstay our time in The Fox, it’s still one of the best pubs in town but it’s a shadow of it’s former self. I said a fond farewell to my companions at Tooting and got back home in time for toasties and pre-quiz TV. By now my mind had virtually completed the trip and Jack and I were in a pool in LA drinking things in V shaped glasses with umbrellas poking out.

I have a shit lot to do before I leave in just under a fortnight. In addition when I get back mid September it’s going to take a time to write up my notes. Point here is that Piqued might be a bit patchy for the next week or two before going dark totally for a fortnight. Normal service will be resumed by the end of September.

I’ll leave you with the usual disturbing list of wankers that come to this site by foul means or fair, usually the former.

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(I saw this on TOTP with mum and dad, both laughed at the Eskimo Nell reference, they were subsequently interrogated. Nice weekends all)