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My encounter with Cunt didn’t go as expected. In fact, it went so badly that after this I’m going to call the local nick and tell them what happened.

I spent most of yesterday exhausted because of a lack of sleep, because of Cunt, so by the time I’d cycled home I wasn’t in the best of moods. I walked into the hallway and rapped on his door. The door flew open and before I had a chance to say a word he yelled.
“…Look what ever it is I’m not interested…”
“…You woke me up AGAIN last night….”
“Right, do you want to take this outside for a fight?”
“A fight? You what? I’m asking you to not play your guitar ALL FUCKING NIGHT”
“I was playing like a little mouse…”
“Well I heard it, it woke me up at 3…”
“I’m not fucking interested I’ve had enough…”
“Look I’m politely asking you to not play your guitar all night…”

At this point Cunt eyeballed me in silence for a good 15 seconds, I may as well have informed him that I’d molested his fucking mother, he’s obviously been watching too many Hollywood crash bang wallop films. I remained glaring back at him before he slammed the door in my face.

It’s perfectly obvious that I’m not dealing with a rationale human here. As I’ve pointed out countless times, he doesn’t work, never has, he’s certainly delusional, refers to himself in public as an ‘artist’ ‘musician’, he seldom goes out and he’s got no friends. In short he’s a fucking loony and by their very nature loons are unpredictable, you know, inclined to act spontaneously, stab stab stab…

I discussed the matter with Frank and Myfwt who both agreed that informing the police of the threat of violence would be enough to at least cover me should he kick off and I’ve got to defend myself/property etc., The other fortuitous aspect to all this is that I have a log of all the times he’s been a fucking gitprong right here in this very blog. In addition to that I know the neighbours on one side have moaned to me about the fucking racket he makes and when push comes to shove he’s such an appallingly unintelligent little fucking turd I could of course just fuck the cops and have a word with a friend of mine…

Having said all that Myfwt and I slept in blissful silence last night.