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sativa with me

I was going to cite the name of the author who appeared on Today this morning to plug his fucking book, but I don’t want him to have any more publicity.

With reference to the news this morning about Cannabis users being 40% more likely to develop psychotic illness a turd popped up on Today claiming that because of his cannabis use between 15 and 17 (that’s 2 years) he’d become schizophrenic until he was ‘cured’ at 28 and ‘now helps others’, which is why he wrote *insert name here*.

Firstly, I, and most of my friends, have sustained cannabis habits that have gone a tad over the 2 year mark, in my case it’s literally 10 times this amount and whilst I don’t claim to be the epitome of rationality and forethought, I certainly don’t class myself as psychotic, more importantly, neither does anyone else.

Secondly the word ‘cannabis’ is like the word ‘alcohol’, comparing the crappy resin I smoked as a teenager is someway off the strength of Californian Grapefruit I scored last week, it’s like comparing the eating of rum and raison toffees with drinking aftershave. To avoid public humiliation and instant derision, and if there is a message in these fucking claims, some governmental distinction must be made between strains of the weed or the whole argument becomes quite simply a big fact joke.

Using alcohol, which is legally available -indeed, a very prominent part of the structure of societies fabric, whether one drinks or not- as a yardstick, the fact that anyone is even concerned about Cannabis and ‘damage; is to me an anathema. I don’t recall the last time anyone overdosed on smoke, became violent, made a bad fuck decision, vandalised property, in fact, did anything vaguely anti social whatsoever. I’ll agree they can be accused of laughing at their hands, staring at undulating carpets, discovering the actual meaning of pizza and listening to Hawkwind, but I think that’s about it. And as far as social pariah’s go, that’s pretty far down in the pecking order, surely? Or am I being un-paranoid?

I’m not denying that if you were to sit from dawn to dusk lugging back bowl upon bowl of hybrid skunk you may find your grip on reality becomes a little fraught, but most cannabis users don’t do that, all of my friends that use, myself included, have regular jobs, it doesn’t effect their days to day lives at all, unless one runs out. That’s a real bummer because one has to make time to score, as opposed to popping to the off licence/pub on the way home.

Right plop prickers, when this starts don’t be judgemental, it’s ace. They look bloody idiotic but this lot used to tour with Hawkwind (believe it or not) though judging by the end of the first line were certainly not indulging in the contents of their rider, though were clearly pretending they were. Confused? Press play.

Have nice weekends all, have one on me (that’s not I have one on me, I don’t. Yet)