It’s been a busy week. Monday we had our pals from Spain over one last time before they left. We spent the evening drinking carefully on account of the soon-to-be-walking baby who had a propensity to appear silently behind ones ankles. Pizza, cheesy puffs and titty milk featured heavily too, though I’m pleased to report the latter aspect was destined for the under ones.

Tuesday involved work but in the evening IC and I went out for dinner at a favourite eatery to celebrate a moment of time. Pork Belly went into mine with some booze, IC had some sort of fish, I didn’t pay much attention to her dish if I’m honest, I was rather consumed by the consumption of my porcine-packed plate. This delightful meal heralded the beginning of a day off and sure enough, the following morning, we took the bus to Limehouse to catch the DLR to Greenwich.

I was rather surprised to learn I’d not been on the DLR before, well, not to my memory, and it reminded me of 1950’s comic-book renditions of the millennium. The track seemed to sweep with gravity defying motion through the sky, brushing past monolithic glass and steel structures that twinkled in the bright autumnal light. It was a peculiar sensation that may have been aided and abetted by a fuck-off hangover.

We landed at Greenwich, zipped through the dreadful market and took some time to walk by the Thames that’s flanked with Neo-Classical nods to our Naval Heritage. At 2-ish we made our way to Dave’s pub unsure if he’d be there to greet us, I’m pleased to report he was or I’d never have been persuaded to eat this magnificent burger that was size of Gary Coleman’s head. By the time we left a few hours later we were feeling very cheerful.

We met up with Dave later on that afternoon in another Inn by Victoria Park, after recommending we visit a pub a few yards away he left at 7 leaving IC and I to make a final visit to a very impressive boozer a few yards away before finally heading off home. What a perfect day as Lou Reed may have put it but didn’t.

Yesterday, after a fairly good day at work, Jamie and I met at Angel station for 6, we’d not seen each other in while so thought it wise to catch up over a pint. This wasn’t the sole purpose of our meeting mind; I’d managed to book a pair of tickets for the Ozric Tentacles at the O2 Academy in Islington.

He, I and a group of like-minded friends used to see this band virtually every weekend in a long-since-gone club called The Crypt. I will dedicate a post to this place in the near future but for now let’s just say this place would serve your psychedelic needs with narcotic pedantry. The band were for all intents and purposes unchanged, it transpired they’d not played in a while and the band were as surprised as we that the place was rammed. It’s worth noting that all flavour of person was present, from death metal types to Asian accountants, elderly homosexuals to teenage hippies. White people, black people, Chinese people, Italian, French, German…the atmosphere was one of sheer unity and the band responded with mind-blowing noises.

The show peaked and concluded, Jamie and I managed to get one more pint in before leaving on the bus destined for a kebab of sorts in Hackney. It was half midnight before we finally stumbled into the flat and ate our regrettable comestibles. I’m paying for it today, I’ve spent a good 30 minutes this morning farting out liquid chilli and am due for a return match right after this.

So, to the weekend, both my bro and Swineshead have birthdays to celebrate over the weekend with many other plans besides. These birthdays won’t celebrate on their own will they? It’s bound to be messy, let’s hope so eh? Join me next week to find out what happened.

First the chart o’ Gerry and a tune from it. Please have nice weekends, don’t forget to change the fucking clocks Sunday.

NO. ARTIST SONG TITLE Last Week Weeks On High Pos
30 Linkin Park Waiting For The End NE 1 30
29 Cribs Housewife 19 8 8
28 Good Charlotte Like It’s Her Birthday NE 1 28
27 Arcade Fire Ready To Start 17 7 4
26 30 Seconds To Mars Search And Destroy 30 2 26
25 Klaxons Twin Flames 26 3 26
24 Chase And Status Hypest Hype NE 1 24
23 The Ting Tings Hands 15 6 13
22 Dinosaur Pile Up Mona Lisa 18 4 18
21 Biffy Clyro Booooom Blast And Ruin NE 1 21
20 Bombay Bicycle Club Rinse Me Down 23 3 20
19 Grinderman Heathen Child 12 9 4
18 Young Guns Weight Of The World 28 2 18
17 Interpol Barricades 11 8 2
16 Carl Barat Run With The Boys 20 3 16
15 Plan B The Recluse 10 4 10
14 Two Door Cinema Club I Can Talk 22 2 14
13 Bullet For My Valentine Fever 9 5 7
12 A-Ha Butterfly Butterfly……. 13 4 12
11 Kings Of Leon Radioactive 8 7 5
10 Hurts Stay 25 2 10
9 We Are Scientists I Don’t Bite 14 3 9
8 The Wombats Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves) 5 6 2
7 Clare Maguire Ain’t Nobody 16 2 7
6 Jimmy Eat World My Best Theory 3 9 1
5 Frankie And The Heartstrings Ungrateful 7 4 5
4 My Chemical Romance Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na)2 4 2
3 OK Go White Knuckles 4 4 3
2 Tinie Tempah Written In The Stars 6 3 2
1 Killing Joke European Super State 1 6 1

4 responses to “ozrik

  • fourstar

    Are you allowed to say which pub in Greenwich? My old man wants to take us out for lunch there on Sunday, any recommendations gratefully received (it’s changed a bit since he lived there in 1968…)

    And I was more of an Eat Static man myself; blew the roof off Brixton Academy (post-Ozrics gig) in 1993/4. Scared just thinking about it.

  • piqued

    I saw them a few times, jolly good they were too

    I can say which pub and I will. The Greenwich Union. I suggest you book

    Look out for Dave

  • Garry Mander-Ring

    God I haven’t seen the Ozrics for many a moon and more. I’ve still got my coffin-shaped membership card for The Crypt somewhere! As for pubs in Greenwich I would say avoid the first few you see if you come up from the river or off the DLR. There are a couple of wonderful boozers on the outskirts of the park though – just head for the Observatory and you’ll pass them

  • Mr.Dodo

    I was thinking about the Osrics and The Crypt the day you posted this!

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