It’s the day of reckoning, judgement day, the day I complete, or not as the case may be. My solicitor has already been on the phone to inform me that I’ve completed and then five minutes later called again with a ‘hang on…’ I hope I don’t get a day like this, I’m not in a mood following a two and half hour fucking journey into work due to roadworks on Hackney road and subsequent bus gridlock. I was too preoccupied with all things ‘flat’ to get too fussed; besides, it’s a beautiful day. The leaves are plum-red, lemon coloured, punctuated by rich russet browns, the sky is blue, the light all golden and shit.

I’ve been busy; IC and I went over to see some friends down the road on Wednesday where we were treated to hand-made cocktails as one of the recipients of our visit is a barman, and last night I met up with Rosh and Doc for a few jars in Clapham before popping home via IC’s who was watching Dexter with her flatmate, Mary, the latter all wrapped up on account of this fucking cold going around. The former was a fit as fuck of course.

But essentially, I’m pre-occupied, I can’t think straight, my attention span is nil, all I can think about is cutting off all ties with that flat and the disgusting Cunt that lurks below like a sewage pipe of all shit. My hate for him burns, really, he’s worse than the Weimar Schutzstaffel.

God, sitting here waiting. Apparently I should hear before lunch. I wonder if I twiddle my thumbs really fast I’d wear off my nails. The weekend is packed, stuff to do tonight, tomoz, I may even buy a TV tomorrow if… bollocks. If. Fucking hell. Oh, my bro and Swineshead’s birthday on Saturday, I’ll see SH, my bro is in Rome.

Weekend, chart, tune, fun you have. Arseholes. I’ll post in comments if I hear anything.

Happy birthday lads. Lovely day. Balls.

30 Kids In Glass Houses Youngblood (Let It Out) NE 1
29 Athlete Black Swan Song NE 1
28 Snow Patrol Just Say Yes 27 2
27 Ian Brown Stellify 20 10
26 Mumford And Sons Little Lion Man 15 7
25 The XX Crystallized 18 10
24 Paramore Ignorance 23 11
23 Skunk Anansie Because Of You 14 11
22 The Cribs We Share The Same Skies NE 1
21 Skunk Anansie Squander NE 1
20 Paramore Brick By Boring Brick NE 1
19 Slayer Hate World Wide 17 4
18 Kasabian Underdog 19 4
17 Dead Weather I Cut Like A Buffalo 26 2
16 Echo And The Bunnymen Think I Need It Too 13 6
15 Death Cab For Cutie Meet Me At The Equinox NE 1
14 Wolfmother New Moon Rising 22 3
13 Five Finger Death Punch Hard To See 10 7
12 Massive Attack Splitting The Atom 16 3
11 Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension 12 4
10 Funeral For A Friend Wrench 6 9
9 Idlewild Readers And Writers 11 4
8 Stereophonics Ignorance 9 3
7 Green Day East Jesus Nowhere 3 5
6 Biffy Clyro The Captain 8 5
5 Rammstein Pussy 5 6
4 Ladyhawke Magic 4 4
3 Foo Fighters Wheels 7 5
2 Lostprophets It’s Not The End Of The World…2 8
1 Editors Papillon 1 8

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