In February this year I put my flat on the market, early March I had a potential buyer who ummed and ahhed for 4 months before finally agreeing to buy. Since early July the legitimate wheels have been in motion, supposedly, but it wasn’t until late August that my buyers solicitors actually replied to mine. Then came all the fucking questions, the same ones over and over which the buyers solicitors said they weren’t getting, despite them being faxed over within hours of asking. I had to fork out for the freeholders (cunt’s dad) insurance as part of the deal for the leaseholder (my buyer) and accrued addition fees with indemnity insurance and changes that had to be made to the actual deeds as, technically, my property didn’t exist.

Last night at 7.30, just after being informed my solicitor was charging me additional fees because of the vast amount of time he’s spent on my case, which he said was unprecedented, I exchanged as I stood out side a pub with my bro in the City of London. The relief resulted in me screaming ‘fuck yeah’ like an American and actually punching the heavens.

It’s a bittersweet victory though; I’ve lost over 5k in this process and the current debts have been neglected. The money I’ll get wont clear these debts either but it’ll allow me to kill one significant fucker allowing me to use that repayment money to pay off others.

So why did it take so long? The reason is simple and annoying so pay attention. A lot of firms in Manchester and Wales only have one qualified solicitor and about 50 staff. These means they can take on loads of cases, undercut the competition, but as there is only one bloke who can sign stuff off it takes an age for anything to actually happen, in short it’s a barely legitimate scam.

But this isn’t all; there was a rush to exchange before September then it all went quiet until recently. In theory I should complete Monday or Tuesday of next week. This in itself doesn’t seem suspicious until one realises my buyer in a teacher. Next week it’s half term and the summer holidays ended early September…

Of course, I fully intend to make a nail bomb when I’ve got my money, it’s only fair.

Cunts! Hurrah!

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