Nothing in here today of note. Seriously, fuck off unless you like bikes.

I had an epiphany moment last night and as a direct result I’m hangover, exhausted and absurdly thrilled.

I was checking some bikes online yesterday and ruling out the ones that were impractical -goodbye Ducati, R1’s, Z’s, GSX, CBR- leaving me with two main contenders. Either a newer version of The Black Bitch or a KTM Superduke, a sort of hybrid street/moto-x machine which looks nice and ticks all the practicality boxes. In essence, it’s the right bike and more suited for my regular sojourns round town whilst able to make me smile in the countryside, even if my trips there are infrequent these days

But I wasn’t happy, KTM are Austrian and the thought of going from a British Bike to an Austrian one just isn’t right is it? No. Hitler, Lederhosen, shit beer vs Churchill, bowler hats and nutty brown ale, my fucking grandparents would be spinning in their graves… I continued to check it out online, actually they may well look good, handle well but they sound like a wet-farting schwein-weibchen. Fuck that!

It was late and I was youtubing like a fucking twat. I’d been watching a Wallander, Swedish cop drama when a light came on. A childhood memory walked in, back in the day when I used to do motocross before the accident that bust my back and blew my nerve. I googled feverishly, I knew when I saw it I’d know… And there she was…

Look at these IDIOTS!! (hurrah)

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