Daily Archives: April 30, 2009

is et fryday?

This Swine flu business is a storm in a fucking teacup. As far as I’m concerned it’s another good reason to kick business in the nuts and it’s already having an effect on mine. I’ve nothing to do with tourism but shit I do involves them, if the tourists stay away then I indirectly get whacked. Up until now this recession lark hasn’t really affected tourism, or rather, not the bit that involves me by proxy but mention ‘pandemic’ and people react with shit-dribbling hysteria.

I’ll accept, there is a good chance there’ll be a pandemic, but the worst-case scenario only puts the death toll (in the UK) at 50,000. That’s about the number of people that are killed every year from farting, and we all love those.

In the meantime, we just need to forget all about this recession/pandemic business and get out there, spend money, have fun, you’ve earned it, every last man jack of you… that’s you mum -btw can’t you go out and get some fish fingers you lazy cow? I’m sick of boiled fucking eggs. Don’t forget to turn the heating on at 4; I want a bath when I get in.

The Friday chart is early today because I’m not about tomorrow for reasons cited yesterday. So, have good weekends, enjoy the begrudgingly given bank holiday and I’ll see you next week, hopefully.


Enjoy the vid, it’s a beauty.

30 The Enemy No Time For Tears 20 6
29 Lily Allen Not Fair NE 1
28 The Kills Black Balloon 21 5
27 Green Day Know Your Enemy 30 2
26 The Maccabees Love You Better NE 1
25 The View Temptation Dice 25 3
24 U2 Magnificent 22 3
23 White Lies Farewell To The Fairground 16 10
22 Madina Lake Never Take Us Alive 29 2
21 Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal 17 5
20 Death Cab For Cutie The Open Door 13 5
19 Doves Kingdom Of Rust 19 10
18 P J Harvey and John Parish Black Hearted Love 15 5
17 Kasabian Fire NE 1
16 Sparks Lighten Up Morrissey 10 7
15 Marmaduke Duke Rubber Lover 27 2
14 AC/DC Anything Goes 9 5
13 Middle Class Rut I Guess You Could Say 18 2
12 The Prodigy Warriors Dance 23 2
11 Hollywood Undead Undead 12 3
10 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Zero 5 6
9 Maximo Park The Kids Are Sick Again 14 3
8 Papa Roach Hollywood Whore 11 5
7 Fightstar Mercury Summer 4 7
6 Eagles Of Death Metal Anything ‘Cept The Truth 6 5
5 Pink Please Don’t Leave Me 7 4
4 Twisted Wheel We Are Us 8 4
3 Five Finger Death Punch The Bleeding 3 6
2 Depeche Mode Wrong 1 7
1 Gallows The Vulture (Act 2) 2 3