5 F 1

My weekend is completely rammed full, stuffed to the point of sickness. I’ll have no time to draw breath. In it are pubs, clubs, gigs and birthdays, throw visiting friends into the mix and that makes for a weekend so completely bloated that if one were to prick it with a pin it would go off ‘bang’ before catching fire like the Hindenburg and slowly descend to earth with all on board screaming ‘aargh, aargh’ and crashing violently in an all consuming ball of flame. Oh the humanity.

Obviously the prospect of so much activity thrills me, but a part of me is also quite happy to sit on a sofa watching crap on the box with IC. God I’m complicated.

Balanced on top of all this is the start of British summer time (hurrah) and the F1 season. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to be able to shoehorn this into my schedule. I certainly won’t be able to watch it live which means a concerted effort to avoid all news from 7am onwards from Sunday morning. This in itself is a full time job.

The 2009 season looks as if the McLaren/Ferrari dominance will be threatened other, traditionally, less competitive teams, which is dead exciting really.

Where has everyone gone?

At least stay for Gerry’s chart, a song from within (metaltastic it is) and the chance for me to wish you splendid weekends. At least let me do that… Please.

30 Kings Of Leon Revelry 28 6
29 Royksopp Happy Up Here 29 4
28 Red Light Company Arts And Crafts 20 10
27 Just Jack Embers NE 1
26 Innerpartysystem Don’t Stop 18 11
25 Chris Cornell Part Of Me 21 7
24 Bat For Lashes Daniel NE 1
23 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Zero NE 1
22 The Enemy No Time For Tears NE 1
21 The View Shock Horror 12 10
20 La Roux In For The Kill 23 3
19 The Ting Tings We Walk 16 8
18 Fightstar Mercury Summer 25 2
17 Snow Patrol If There’s A Rocket……. 11 5
16 Five Finger Death Punch The Bleeding NE 1
15 The Prodigy Omen 8 10
14 Lady Gaga Poker Face 19 3
13 Funeral For A Friend Rules And Games 15 4
12 In Case Of Fire The Cleansing 17 4
11 You Me At Six Save It For The Bedroom 14 3
10 The Walkmen In The New Year 7 5
9 Hockey Too Fake 6 6
8 The Hot Melts Edith 9 4
7 Oasis Falling Down 4 7
6 Sparks Lighten Up Morrissey 13 2
5 Shinedown Sound Of Madness 5 3
4 Starsailor Tell Me It’s Not Over 3 10
3 Doves Kingdom Of Rust 2 5
2 Depeche Mode Wrong 10 2
1 White Lies Farewell To The Fairground 1 5

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