Daily Archives: March 19, 2009


Imagine being banged up for 27 years for something you didn’t do. When I was a kid I got trapped in a lift for about 3 minutes and that was more than enough thank you Mr. Mackay. Having said that I didn’t ask to be trapped in the lift, I didn’t press lots of buttons repeatedly and deliberately so the lift the broke subsequently trapping me, whereas Sean ‘Aldridge Prior’ Hodgson did, sort of.

Sean Hodgson was, according to his lawyer, a pathological liar; ‘pathological’ indicates that he couldn’t help being a deep far friar ‘cos he was a bit mental, like. But this term is a little misleading as ‘pathological liar’ is not an official clinical diagnosis (meaning it’s not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) like Münchausen syndrome, which is compulsive lying in order to seek attention. Hodgson quite deliberately confessed to raping and killing a young woman. This isn’t like telling a little fib, it’s not really in the same league as ‘the cheque is in the post,’ so why did he do it?

This is of some concern, chronic lying in adults is often a manifestation of antisocial personality disorder, better known as sociopathy, which isn’t a particularly good case for the defence as sociopaths have a tendency to violence and murder. In many ways Hodgson was damned if he did, damned if he didn’t, it was only the DNA in the spunks found on the body of the deceased that made his conviction unsafe. The sample Hodgson provided (making him a wanker if nothing else) didn’t match the sperms on the stiff, as the beak said “The Crown’s case was that whoever raped her also killed her, so the new DNA evidence has demolished the case for the prosecution.”

This is far enough, of course, but something isn’t right. This case isn’t a clear-cut miscarriage of justice like that of Stefan Kiszko, a simpleton whose confession was coerced out of him by the heinous West Yorkshire pigs without a solicitor.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m in no way suggesting that Sean Hodgson was involved in the murder of Teresa de Simone, and to incarcerate a man for 27 years on the basis of an unsafe conviction is not only reprehensible it doesn’t serve the public interest in any capacity, especially when we consider the real killer has (or had, could be dead) his liberty (assuming he’s not already languishing in jail for something else, which is more than likely.)

Eleven years ago Hodgson’s lawyers contacted the Forensic Science Service and requested they test the sperm for a DNA match only to be told the material no longer existed, when it did. Why? It does seem, for whatever reason, somebody was keen to see Hodgson banged-up suggesting there may be much more to this case than meets the eye. Anyway, I hope Hodgson is enjoying the lovely weather we’re having. He could do with some sun on those old bones, poor sod looks awful.

Right, a massive youtube effort from the redoubtable John Hegley. Thirty mins of joy to make up for a week of largely miserable posts. Ironically I’m fine, the better I am the more boring it is for you. Eat that.