Daily Archives: December 5, 2008


Oh the media! You have to love ‘em. Karen Matthews, apparently, is ‘pure evil.’

Oh dear. I could supply a list as long as my longest arm of acts that constitute ‘pure evil,’ acts that have taken place in the last week, mercifully most of them overseas, but to compare a revolting unintelligent slag and her not-firing-on-all-cylinders partner to Robert Mugabe, for example, is absurdity bordering on the obscene. I mean, if that’s your benchmark for ‘pure evil,’ what can be applied to the likes of Hitler, Pinochet, Cunt? Don’t misconstrue me here, Karen Matthews and Lurch are a couple of fucking wankers and what they did was a bloody disgrace but Shannon wasn’t hurt or fondled or injured, yes she was afraid and giving her some drugs and holding her against her will is simply disgusting, but evil? No.

The weekend has landed again. Low key one for me, save my sisters b’day on Sunday. But first I have to get through today. I discovered yesterday that I’m not getting a Christmas bonus -which is horrific news- so morale, with regard to the office, is flatter than a witches tit. Add to that deadline pressure and an all round air of fucking despair it may not be of great surprise that I’m feeling shite.

So, I’ll cheer myself with Gerry’s chart and a tune from within its bowels and delight in wishing you all marvellous weekends. Now there altruism for you, right there.

30 Pendulum Showdown NE 1
29 Friendly Fires Paris 24 7
28 Coldplay Lost! 18 4
27 Kaiser Chiefs Good Days Bad Days NE 1
26 The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Around The Bend NE 1
25 Bloc Party Talons 20 11
24 Elbow The Bones Of You 19 12
23 AC/DC Rock n’ Roll Train 21 11
22 Enter Shikari We Can Breathe In Space…. 16 7
21 M.I.A. Paper Planes 14 9
20 Slipknot Dead Memories NE 1
19 Red Light Company Scheme Eugene 13 6
18 Innerpartysystem Die Tonight Live Forever 11 10
17 The Rifles Great Escape 23 2
16 Franz Ferdinand Ulysses 17 3
15 Twisted Wheel Lucy The Castle 15 6
14 Guns n’ Roses Chinese Democracy 12 6
13 The Wombats Is This Christmas? 22 2
12 The Verve Rather Be 9 5
11 Glasvegas Please Come Back Home 25 2
10 Fightstar The English Way 8 9
9 Apocalyptica I Don’t Care NE 1
8 Santogold Say A-Ha 7 4
7 Kings Of Leon Use Somebody 6 5
6 Team Waterpolo So Called Summer 4 6
5 Paramore Decode 10 2
4 Ladyhawke My Delirium 3 4
3 Oasis I’m Outta Time 1 5
2 The Grammatics The Vague Archive 5 3
1 Baddies Battleships 2 3

(btw, no1 was last weeks vid, it’s fantastic)