dm cise

Short one day. This is more for your sakes than mine as you’ll merely be subject to my going on about how it took me over twenty fucking minutes to put my boots on this morning.

I got into work late for a combination of the above and my decision to take painkillers before I got out of my pit. Fortunately sleeping isn’t too much of a problem though I have to be in the right position –on my side with a cushion between my knees- it’s just when I wake moving is awkward to say the least. The worst is the subsequent sitting-up part, I can feel my back compress and shift over to the left and lock tight. This is gasping-agony time, you simply can’t move and any attempt to do so results in an unholy pain that induces a whiteout and at worse a full-on faint. I think I’ve already mentioned that an oncoming sneeze is more frightening than waking up to find you’re being wanked off by the ghost of William Bramble.

I’m looking forward to the weekend immensely but mildly concerned how my spine will behave, especially with regard to travelling around. I’ve already travelled on the tube with a screwed back but have yet to try the bus. I should be okay but I’m not sure whether I’m best stood up screaming or sat down with my head craned forward shouting expletives every time the pus goes over a pebble.

I’ve taken my cue from UrbanWoo (link right) and put up a clip of ‘A bit of Fry and Laurie’. Please do have nice weekends, and be grateful your spine isn’t made of pumice and held together with bogies.

5 responses to “dm cise

  • charliemingles

    I think you mean Wilfed Bramble dont you? Funny though.

    If its any consolation, my mum fell down the stairs on tuesday night and broke her arm and her foot. my dad did his back in trying to lift her and now I have to go him this weekend and look after the old bastards.

    Compared to a broken spine, spending time with your parents in your old bedroom, when your a grown man – is sheer bliss sir.

    Hope youre feeling better over the weekend though.

  • charliemingles

    that should of course have read:

    A broken spine is sheer bliss – Compared to spending time with your parents in your old bedroom, when you’re a grown man.

  • piqued

    ..and I did mean Wilfred, my apologies

    Sorry to hear about your folks CM, I hope you don’t catch a cricked neck or gammy knee off ’em

  • charliemingles

    great clip, by the way. I love those guys.

  • charliemingles

    I’ll do my best Piqued. I’m just hoping my wheelchair can fit up the ramp.

    Since I got the jumbo colostomy bag fitted on the side, it tends to get jammed very easily.

    Still – at least Ive got my health!!!

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