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Just before 7 yesterday evening I popped into the warm summer evening ideally dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, I say ‘ideally’ because at the moment I have to keep the tattoos covered, they’re going through the scabby stage and they look all scabby, so I was forced to endure a fucking cardigan following my running out of long sleeved clean shirts as I’m having to wear those at work for the same reason that last night I was wearing a cardigan. Anyway I was hot.

I met IC at the local and we were joined by one her friends and his missus. The friend had been born in Zimbabwe, ah ha, I thought and instantly we talked about Zimbabwe with our mouths! It was ace!

Anyway, on the hot topic of Zimbabwe, I see that finally Nelson Mandela has opened his overrated cake hole on the staggering situation in his neighbouring country that employs a systematic system of murder, rape and torture in order to ‘win’ votes leaving thousands dead and dying as the entire nation slides into abject poverty and cannibalistic starvation… Mugabe will think twice now after Nelson’s scathing attack on the unbelievably disgraceful situation in the formerly named Rhodesia (I didn’t think anything could make Ian Smith seem alright) that’s right ‘failure of leadership’ will haunt the fascist dictator and all round fucking cunt to the grave. Why, along with that and the jaw dropping revelation that the Queen has withdrawn his honorary knighthood and the fall over backwards suggestion that the UK should revoke his visa I’m sure Robert is already stood teary eyed on his bucket ready to dispatch his sorry self to never never land.

This morning, following a gentle evening of conversation and sophisticated dining, I was up with the dawn chorus enjoy the dulcet tones of the radio 4 team as I went about my daily ablutions and having a bloody big shit. Esther Rantzen was talking about how it was a good thing that adults who worked with children were ‘checked out’ following two examples when unchecked adults had raped minors, been convicted, released after serving time, then been given jobs working with kids and done the same thing again.

Astonishingly some prick was objecting to this on the basis of it being an invasion of civil liberties. Now don’t get me wrong here, when it comes to CL I’m right there but this wankers argument was so unbelievably nonsensical my nipsy snapped off a trog in fury spoiling my cathartic me and poo time.

You know what, it’s just not bloody fair.

5 responses to “bob rantz

  • Oh Whistle and I'll Come to Thee..

    And talking of civil liberties (takes deep breath) why can’t witnesses be entitled to a bit of anonymity in serious court cases? The court should check the witness is of good character to try to ensure they’re not vindictive or proven liars, and as long as the authorities know who they are, the accused in cases of gang-related violence and the like don’t HAVE to know who they are, surely? Over to you..

  • piqued

    I heard that this morning too.

    I agree

    I also believe that defendants have the right to anonymity too, to avoid trial by media which seems to be the norm these days. Surely such things affect juries?

    The phrase ‘high profile case’ should be struck from the statutory books, you heard me, ‘struck’


  • jrowett

    i too am seriously cheesed off about Zimbabwe and am actually considering writing a letter of complaint to the Grimsby Evening Telegraph about the whole bloody farce. rape, murder, genital canings, starvation: you couldn’t make it up – what a shambles! there will be a few red faces at Zanu PF HQ this week, i’ll wager!

    (it has seemed that in recent weeks you can’t tune in to radio 4 without some talking head or other saying “well, it seems unlikely that this is going the be a free and fair election…” i mean for fuck’s sake, did anyone ever, ever, EVER think anything else would be the case? the UN should’ve had baton-twirling troops waiting by the border weeks ago, IMHO.)

  • Edna Welthorpe

    ‘…forced to endure a cardigan…’ I’m not sending you to Zimbabwe to fight for the rights of the population after writing a sentence like that, you big fairy.

  • piqued

    I’m not a fairy Edna, just because I like ballet and cake icing and being taken very hard up the gary glitter by a man with a dick like a bull that doesn’t make me a fairy

    You rascist

    (I love cardies me)

    *cuddles bear*

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