Daily Archives: June 12, 2008


Aaah. Morning all. It’s a little bit overcast today, not entirely unpleasant though, cooler certainly… I had a pleasant evening last night, watched a remake of Flight of the Phoenix -not a patch on the original- ate some fishcakes, had a shower… then woke up this morning to the news that somebody had been murdered in the fucking Sainsbury I frequently moan about in here.

I mean it’s not the first time I’ve been nearby such things, when I was a teenager a mans body was found in the front garden four doors down from my parents –turns out he’d been having an affair and his wife had contracted a fellow to pop a knife in the base of his head- living in dubious parts of sarf landan muggings/ knife attacks were part and parcel of the day to day but what occurred in the supermarket was fucking ridiculous, and being a frequent shopper in the establishment I can just imagine the cunts involved.

As far as I can ascertain some young shit kicked off at a woman in the car park, the husband then went off to teach this young turd a lesson, not entirely sure of the lads identity his fucking wife points him out in a queue but instead the husband lamps a 57 year old man who stood behind him and is felled with a single punch and dies. Great.

By all accounts it sounded as if the young cunt could’ve done with a slap, he was carrying on in the supermarket being all aggressive and cross and what have you to shoppers and staff alike so the wallop he’d coming by this myopic moron may have served as a lesson in manners. But as this is a prime example of how fucking stupid some people, hysterical women, knuckle dragging alpha male acting in haste and now, repenting at leisure after a totally innocent chap gets whacked in the chops.

Another hideous day in the office looms, how much can I get for a kidney?

Calm, relax. Shhhh