Daily Archives: April 9, 2008

gangster berk

I have a work engagement following the day in this place, I’m sat the office with a mild hangover dressed like a fucking gangster, black suit, boot and shirt, ice white tie. I look like a complete berk.

Yesterday the office became a twisted intestine of strife; I had argument over row with a variety of colleagues, in every instance all were far too unaccomplished in the ways of sapience to work out that they couldn’t be further off the mark ejaculating into the Atlantic hoping to jelq a fish finger. I’ve decided that, whilst not the most intelligent fellow on planet Earth I wilfully despise the thick, they make life such a fucking bore don’t they –with the exception of Shannon Matthews mum, I don’t think I’ve been that entertained by the news since Princess Diana wore that nifty little engine block on her face.

Last night was a godsend, therefore. My first pint since Sunday in Southwark with Urban Woo and Louche. The former and I met up outside a crowded boozer and discussed matters of no concern here before being joined by the latter and moving off to a strange watering hole nestling in solitude under the vast glass and steel curves of corporation. The pub looked as if it had been dropped into place by some 19th century time fissure, it was perfectly square and its filigree décor and small dark windows stood in stark contrast to its contemporary urban surroundings, once inside one could’ve been by Dartmoor or the seaside.

Here we drunk Early Bird (the beer I’d celebrated in Whitstable last weekend but one) and the conversation turned to writing and comedy, after 3 more pints we wandered back through a stark and beautiful London to Waterloo and departed in 3 different directions.

Having Slayer in my phone made for a super fast journey back on the tube, trying not to tap and judder along was quite a task but I think I succeeded, I got home and took a shower and went directly to bed, it was midnight by the time I popped my sweet godamn head onto the pillow and I was out like the snap of fingers and thumb.

I had some fun here yesterday in amidst the squabbling at work, do check the comments, I make a guest appearance along with Swinsehead.


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