I can’t believe that generations of humans have been getting it so wrong… it’s a wonder we’ve made it this far. Last night, I was shown the way.

Forget about all you’ve known about raising children. Consign it to history, for it is has no bearing on our future. Only now is the future of mankind safe.

And who would’ve thought that Cunt would show me the way! Yes, the cunt that has, on occasion, been on the receiving end of criticism… I cannot wait any longer, I must pass on the good news… He has shown me, us the way.

*Don’t do it alone! This nonsense about raising a child with two people, until now we thought that one emaciated mother and occasional visits by a psychotic, father whose idea of responsibility is sign-on every fortnight (without fail) then spend the rest of his time doing fuck all -save waste oxygen- was the way forward, no…

Get your criminal entourage to come over after the pub and inspire the baby with loud noises so that it interacts by screaming its fucking head off. Many grubby hands make light work, surely.

*Stop paying attention to it! Honestly, these days we mollycoddle our young way too much. The damage this has on society is immeasurable; our streets will be filled with bookish, sensitive types who care about the world around them and their fellow citizens. We don’t win wars like that! Please, let them scream, let them learn about the ways of coping without cuddles and care, then we can realise our utopia of a world full of drunken cunts fucking each other without taking precautions, through this violence will be developed without nurture, it will be innate, inside us from the very start.

*Sober? Don’t touch it! Until recently holding a baby in your arms and softly speaking to it/singing lullabies was seen as the way forward. This is fucking shit. Get really pissed up and ensuring you’re blowing plumes of fresh blue fucking tobacco smoke into it’s tiny pink fucking lungs, merely go WEOO WOO WOO Fucking WOO for a good five minutes into its every increasingly screaming face, then get annoyed with it and leave it alone in the dark to maintain a desperate piercing shriek descending finally into pitiful little sobs, whilst you carry on drinking next fucking cunting door.

So there you have it, please pass this message on to everyone you know so the in turn can pass it on, together we can change the world etc etc

Today’s Friday list, what’s left of it after I’ve taken out (some) of the filth is followed by a popular music song.

Please do all have lovely weekends.

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4 responses to “superdaddy

  • Mr Chipz

    Don’t forget the social services are but a phone call away. Hate to be serious but if you think the child is being neglected or is in danger in the company of pissed up people who wouldn’t be trusted with a car you should call it in. They won’t leap into immediate action granted, but kids do die because it’s left too late. I know tonnes of families who got mild social services intervention early in a child’s life and it really has made all the difference.

  • Swineshead

    Or you could seize the babby yourself. And then eat it. With broccoli and sausages.

  • Mr Chipz

    I wouldn’t. No meat on a baby. There’s far more meat on a disabled.

  • piqued

    Chipz, the kid will be leaving soon with it’s mother.

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