win (lose) ter

Yesterday at work was dreadful. The Sunday evening’s indulgence had shattered my resolve and I was tired and vaguely livid. If it wasn’t for the online entertainment I’d have spent the day crying in the loo.

The highlight was lunchtime when I was forced to go into town and get my bro’s b’day present. I’ve decided that the other thing I procured for him last week is more suited to Christmas… (ocd eh? You gotta fucking love it). The ‘highlight’ wasn’t in exchanging cash for goods it was because I could get some sushi from M&S. I love the stuff and could happily eat it perpetually. On leaving the store a couple passed me, he was large unshaven fat man in his 50’s with virtually no hair and glasses like the hubble telescope and she an utterly gorgeous Asian pacific bird who couldn’t have been a day over 20. It was the visual equivalent of a Blue Morpho (morpho menelaus), the world’s rarest and, perhaps, most beautiful butterfly with it’s wings pulled off and all spunk on it.

Despite my malaise it was a beautiful day, I’d even forgotten that at about 4 the light would begin to fade plunging us into darkness by the time I left from work at 5. This came as quite a shock, I (we) are now resigned to no light until the end of March, that’s 5 bloody months away.

Some people don’t mind this shit, despite the fact that according to Research carried out in 1998 by The Transport Research Laboratory predicted that there would be around 450 fewer deaths and serious injuries and between 104 and 138 fewer deaths if the clocks didn’t change in October. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents supports the campaign and suggests that the effects of the clocks going back are greatest for the most vulnerable road users, basically, children. In 2004 pedestrian deaths rose from 56 in October to 76 in November and 78 in December.

Outside the field of road safety the measure would also be welcomed due to the positive environmental benefits. It would reduce energy consumption and, therefore, aid carbon emission targets according to a research report carried out at Cambridge University. The Policy Studies Institute estimates that consumer electricity bills would fall by a total of £260 million.

According to the Local Government Association, it would also extend the tourist season and bring an estimated £1 billion extra each year. It would also help general health and well being by increasing exposure to daylight and increasing opportunities to leisure activities.

But despite all of this and taking into consideration that 1 in every 20 people suffer from Seasonal Effective disorder there are still some dreadful optimistic types who simply have to see the good in everything. The following is from the BBC website, grab a bucket before you indulge.

“For me though winter isn’t always doom and gloom. After all there’s nothing like seeing the weak winter sunshine shining on a frosty lawn or a spider’s web first thing in the morning. As the nights draw in remember there’s always the excuse for brewing some mulled wine and toasting crumpets on an open fire. Now you couldn’t do that in the Mediterranean, could you?”

That was either written by a woman or a gentleman who doesn’t like getting his hair wet, either way they don’t live in London. What the hell is a lawn? An open fire? I live in a flat like millions of others, not all of us can afford to reside in country piles in Berkshire with pagodas and stables.

And what sort of a dildo cunts up a decent bottle of wine by putting a sodding herby tea bag in it? If I had my way they’d all be shot right up their arseholes.

Oh. It’s a beautiful day to day, the cycle into work was gorgeous.

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