On Friday night I met up with James, impending fatherhood is less than 2 weeks away so it wasn’t entirely unexpected that by 3.30 in the morning I was lying gurgling on the lounge carpet and James was slumped semi-conscious in a chair. Looking back now it seems a long way from this fucking desk, chair and PC at work.

When we got in from the pub James went off to hang a piss and needing to do the same I followed him straight in. At this point I will confess that I hardly ever stand up to whiz, especially if I’ve had a few or am armed with a chubby, so I sat down, only to find that seat was warm. It got me thinking, how many men stand taking a tinkle in their own homes? I think for the sake of the nation there should be government-funded research into the whole phenomena of men weeing whilst seated. I reckon the results would be staggering causing a radical re-think in the whole urinal nonsense forced upon men in pubs and bars, the current upshot of which means that total strangers can view my tool, an unacceptable situation in the 21st century.

The hangover on Saturday was fucking dreadful, after the pints and some cans James suggested we each had a G&T, I knew it was a mistake when I was pouring them, and when James remarked how strong they were, my cocky laugh was still echoing round my body 12 hours later but as a headache of crippling worth. I managed to eat breakfast but was forced back to bed due to my malaise and I didn’t surface until 5 in the afternoon having wasted the whole bloody day.

My intention was to meet some friends in Soho at 8 to celebrate an engagement but I was forced to sheepishly text my apologies. Fortunately Myfwt arrived to save me and we ate and watched x-factor as the first chink of sobriety signalled some form of recovery. I stayed up late due to the excessive sleep I’d had earlier and watched Hell in the Pacific, a wonderful film let down only by the dreadful ending. It rather annoyed me actually.

Yesterday Myfwt left at 11am to help her cousin move house and I arose and watched a fantastic Japanese Grand Prix, full of incident and culminating in victory for the young Lewis Hamilton whose championship lead has been satisfactorily extended.

After lunch I jumped on my black bitch and shot off to the motorcycle accessory shop. For the last few years I’ve been wrestling with a pair of leather trousers that are so tight I seriously risk losing a testicle putting them on, they were never a good purchase so I made the decision to replace them with something that offers me the possibility of having children one day. Finding the right size of trousers was a lot harder than it sounds. Size 30 could be anything from 34 to 40 and the size 32 I tried on must have been about 24 on the waist but were song long I couldn’t see my feet. I reckon they were designed for that Jack Skellington from a Nightmare Before Christmas. After a lot of sweating and puffing I settled on a decent pair that I wore right out the shop. The difference it made to the quality of ride is a joy and, subsequently, I nearly killed myself 5 minutes later, please don’t dismiss that last comment out of turn, it was really close, I hit an object on the A3 as I was accelerating through 120 and the bike snapped into a tank flap. Still not sure how I recovered the black bitch.

From here I went over to visit my folks who were also looking after my niece whilst her parents caught up on some rest. In the space of a week she’s now figured out how to cough, she’s smiling a lot more and responding very well to my attentive prodding -which I may have over done as she shit on my knee when I poked her tummy, burped in my face when I picked her up and rounded it all off my throwing up all over my fucking t-shirt when I was winding her after feeding. What a little Sex Pistol.

I had roast pork and potatoes et al for dinner and remained clear of the booze. The Sunday evening horror came in hard. I’ve had the last few Mondays off but knowing I had to be in today and I was expected to cycle, my back needs it, I was feeling about as cheery as recaptured POW. I didn’t do anything after eating except watch TV, a documentary on Stephen Fry sort of made it worse, then read in bed until sleep was unavoidable.

I fucking hate Monday.

This is the only solution, the quite horrific, wonderful Wendy O Williams with her popular beat combo. Turn it up.

7 responses to “workagain

  • Napoleon Cockaparte

    It would have served you right if you’d come a cropper on your mid-life crisis machine. The speed limit is 70 mph in this country, if you hadn’t noticed.

    You law-breaking bastard – hanging’s too good for you.

  • piqued

    Mid life crisis?

    I’ve been riding big fat fucking bikes well before I had one of those

    The National Speed Limit is in fact 60 miles per hour. On motorways you’re allowed to travel at 70 mph

    I was on the A3 so at the time I was going twice over the National Speed Limit before I nearly bought the farm

    Apples, like dem how Mmm?


    *waves winkle*

  • Napoleon Cockaparte

    Well obviously there are several different speed limits you pedantic shitbag.

    And it’s irrelevent if you had a bike before your mid-life crisis. Now you’re having one, your bike is a sad symbol of your inability to accept the march of time. You’ll get a bubble perm next.

    And MFWT better watch out – you’ll be trading her in for a 16 year old.


  • piqued

    Actually there is only one National Speed Limit, but I can see how confused you are so we’ll leave it.

    Strictly speaking I’m a few years orf a mid life wotsit, but I’ll give you the heads up when it kicks in. Still, at least you accept that motorcycling is above and beyond that of driving about in a fucking car.

    And it’s MYFWT, remember her name when you look up into the night sky.

  • Napoleon Cockaparte

    I think you’ll find it’s ‘MFWT’, not ‘MYFWT’… unless you’re a big spazzer who doesn’t understand how abbreviations work.

    If the ‘Y’ stands for ‘young’ then you’re a sexual pervert who should be castrated.

  • piqued

    I can abbreviate as I please, it’s my abbreviation, look, I can do this if I want


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