fan shit

Myfwt came over last night. We had a fucking lovely evening, ate, drunk a bottle of red wine, chatted about life changing possibilities and hit the sack, happy. Then following a relevant conversation I called her by another girls name. Needless to say this didn’t go down well despite the error being without any possible connotation. It’s not like I was aiming to play a round of ‘fucking bronco’ the hilarious sport when you take your partner from behind, call her by the wrong name mid way through coitus and see how long you can stay in. I simply made a mistake.

I’ve never been terribly good with names, ironically Harri, the name I called Myfwt, had to put up with an entire evening of me referring to her as Myfwt, I’ve been known to call my brother, friends and random strangers Myfwt. It’s terribly unfortunate and unfair that this situation has occurred, I wouldn’t mind if there was any foundation or basis for this slip-up as it would at least afford me the chance to re-evaluate aspects of my life, but this isn’t the case, far from it. I could have just as easily mistakenly called her George Galloway as Big Brothers Big Mouth was on.

Speaking of Big Brother and words ‘slipping out’ (but for entirely different reasons…) Yesterday most of the office was alight with the news that Emily, the posh blonde contestant, had called Charley, the very un-posh black wannabe, a ‘nigger’. As the day went on transcripts of the incident appeared and, knowing the contestant in question, it looked as if she’d been trying to ‘bond’ with her housemate in a ‘wassup nigga’ type way. When I actually saw the show last night I saw a different angle on it.

Essentially, Emily and Charley have, despite being from different worlds, become friends. But it seems to me that as far as Emily is concerned the friendship serves her a purpose. Both Emily and Charley have had a bust up with Chanelle, who it turns out has a very nasty streak in her, and their subsequent bonding was inevitable. But it seems that Emily wants to be top dog and the use of the word ‘nigger’ whilst stupid and ignorant also had an element of control about it. She undermined her so-called friend, and clearly upset her. As I said to Myfwt, in the space of 5 seconds, Charley grew up a year as she was genuinely at a loss as to how to handle it, yet did so with surprising dignity. I felt sorry for her actually.

Rightly, Emily was given the boot; despite acknowledging the fuck up she seemed more concerned she’d be leaving the house without any underwear. Still, I can’t help thinking the abuse was as much class related as racially motivated mixed in with a large quantity of utter ignorance.

9 responses to “fan shit

  • shleppy

    You called her someone elses name? Oh my! that really sucks!

  • piqued

    Yes, I know. I feel utterly wrecked about it. I wouldn’t mind so much if there was something in it, it would’ve felt deserved and would’ve taken it like a man, instead of shreiking and pointing a lot

  • shleppy

    If she knows you so well… then she would know that you have a terrible memory and names have never been your thing…. Is she really upset about it?

  • piqued

    I think she’ll realise it was a bona-fide fuck up on my part

  • shleppy

    well.. everyone makes mistakes like this.. I’ve done it.. I called Jaret “Evan” and I once called Steve “Brodie” and Steve and I had been together about 10 years when i made that slip up….it’s just a mistake no one is perfect. Has she never done something like this? if the answer is no.. I don’t believe it.

  • piqued

    In a different context. It’s okay, she’s not stupid, just the initial shock of it happening under the circumstance of the situation type thing churches

  • shleppy

    circumstance of the situation? are you saying what I think you are saying???

  • shleppy

    Were you making out with her when you said this??

  • Swineshead

    I’ll have you lot know this is a public internet site, any talk of sexy whimsy will be firmly self-punished.

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