At about 3am this morning I decided I really should go to bed. Fucking YouTube had forced me into an addictive connection of music. Virtually everything I asked for popped up in some form or another leading on to more and more tempting avenues, really it’s worse than being an extra in Christiane F.


I’d had a pretty lazy Monday, I was still aware that I’d not had my full weekend quota of sleep so I lazily flopped about the office achieving enough to sustain my income. Physically I was aching from the weekend, the balls of my feet are wrecked though the Sunday am hurl, I suspect, was largely responsible for my malaise, despite this I heroically cycled to and from work.


I made dinner earlier than usual as I was expecting a visit from a friend, my first ever girlfriend in fact. I was a world weary 14 and she an experienced 13 year old when we met, we’ve been in touch ever since. She now lives in Switzerland because her partner is so loaded it’s more cost effective in terms of tax, so seeing her is somewhat of an event. She brought a bottle of wine over and we chatted over a glass before getting a taxi to a champagne bar near Wandsworth Common. Earlier in the evening my friend (with tits) invited me out to hook up with her and a work colleague, I’m afraid I imposed the trip on my visitor because I am particularly fond of my friend (w.tits.) and didn’t want to spurn an invitation, besides, I wanted to check out her (married with kids) work colleague as a bloke-bell had gone off (we do have them ladies, it’s not just you that get flap tingles when something doesn’t seem ‘right’). Not that I suspected anything untoward on her part I hasten to add.


We arrived in good time and the 4 of us chatted and drank steadily. My friend (w.t.) was a little squiffy but most certainly in good spirits; her work colleague and I made each other’s acquaintance whilst my visitor and my friend (w.t.) twittered away as birds do. They know each other of old which makes things so much more amicable. I was chatting to my friend (w.t.) colleague who seemed rather nervous about his newly acquired companions.


After regaling a story about a hard living friend of hers who’d attempted suicide by taking handfuls of pills, drinking almost 3 bottles of scotch and waking hung over free 3 days later, my visitor had to leave as she was due back to Switzerland the following morning, I saw her to her car and off she went into the night. It was lovely to see her, there is a chance she’ll be back in London for good shortly, we’ll see.


Short entry today as my friend (w.t.) is on her way over and this afternoon I’m reading the kids story I posted on here to a classroom of 8 year olds. I need to straighten up. But at least the hard work I put in researching today’s tune will be of some value, indeed, the next week is covered.


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